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Primal Twang in the News:

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The Buzz - Comments from the Audience:

WOW!!!!! What a show! Thursday night’s opening of Primal Twang, was one of the best theatre/music experiences I have had in my life! Fantastic line-up, with impeccable playing! I don’t know whether to sell my guitars or practice more! Thanks for a great night!!!

Best Regards, J. Burger

Thank you for producing such a wonderful, informative and entertaining evening!Please let me know where I can purchase a full sized poster from The Primal Twang Concert. I would like to have it mounted and give a place of honor in my music room.

Thanks Again,Jerry Tucker

I went with my family to see and listen to the show Primal Twang yesterday and we all loved it. I can only imagine all the work that went into this project.

Lollo Enstad

What an event this past weekend was. To be there and hear live music was truly memorable.

Is there going to be a DVD released? If so please let me know as it will make a wonderful Christmas present for a friend unable to be there.Awesome, something I was talking with everyone about, encouraging them to find out if there were tickets left.  The volunteers at the theatre were also great, so make and very friendly.Is this going to be an annual event?

Fan Jan

Just a note of appreciation for everyone's efforts in producing a very memorable "Primal Twang" concert. My wife Barbara and 20 of our family/friends thoroughly enjoyed it.  Dan Crary was a great M.C., as well as viewing the old movies.  I first became aware of the concert by browsing We became big Doyle Dykes fans after first seeing him and daughter Haley a year ago at "Accoustic Music San Diego". Please add us to your e-mail lists for any future concerts in the San Diego area.  Also, I would like to hear how the "Primal Twang DVD" can be purchased when available.   

Thanks, G. Mumma

It was a fantastic and memorable show!  I'm sure it will be a great success.  You did a brilliant job with the script, lighting, pacing, and choice of guitarists, etc.  My mom was on a cloud when we left.

Best wishes for great success, Gina

When will the DVD from the San Diego premiere be available?  Will there be a CD?  Hey, I'm hoping for Christmas gifts for all the kids and others ...

It was a truly memorable show.  Corinne

Wow! What an incredible performance. Are you all (y'all) planning to take this show on the road? I sure hope so. This was the most important musical event that I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

Any idea when the DVD is coming out? I need to get several copies for friends and family. Thanks to all of you once again. What a treat!

Blessings to all, Roberta Smith

Hello - Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the show.  I had no idea what to expect when I bought the ticket but, with the talent lineup, suspected that I would see something special.  I was simply amazed by the performances, the multimedia integration and the history lesson.  I would love for family members to see Primal Twang and, hopefully, you'll take the production on the road.  If not, please put me on the info/contact list for when the DVD comes out.

Thanks for a great evening! Matt Clements

My wife and I were at saturday nites show (front row)...UNBELIEVABLE!!!  What an awesome production.  When can we expect the dvd to come out?  I will be giving this as gifts.  

buddy pacheco 

We saw the performance and I want to be able to buy the DVD.   Is there a list for purchasing this when it is for sale?   I don't want to miss it!!!

Sharon Wade

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!  I saw it on Friday and was thrilled.... 

I need info on the DVD when it is released.

Thank you for a great evening! C Cassity

I attended the concert Friday night and I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful I thought it was. I was blown away by, of course, the musicians, but also the concept and narrative about the guitar...

There are no words to express how uplifting the music/concert was. And thank you so much for having  the musicians available after the concert.  My life's dream was to see Doc Watson, Pete Seeger, Chet Atkins, Peter, Paul and Mary and Mason Williams in person.  I saw the first four in the Midwest. Your concert completed my dream with Mason Williams.  I will never forget this concert!  Music is the thing of peace.  It speaks to everyone in every language.  How I wish we could export you around the world on behalf of our country! And I wish you were taking this production on tour around the U.S.

If you have a mailing list for concerts/appearances, please put me on it. Again, thank you for putting joy in the lives of every one in attendance!

Marie Johnson



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